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What do I get by being a member?

As a member you will receive unlimited access to all PBT programs as well as exclusive access to new updated content and instructional videos. You will be able to ask questions on any video which will be personally answered by founder Marie Walton-Mahon. If you are a teacher, your membership includes the license to teach PBT (upon a simple approval process) and inclusion in the official PBT teacher database. There is no contract, you can cancel anytime.

Can I still learn PBT without becoming a member?

Of course, you can purchase a physical DVD or a download from the ‘DVD’s and Downloads’ section.


How do I access the videos as a member?

All videos are available for streaming. You can watch them on a computer, smart TV, tablet, smart phone – essentially any device with internet access. To watch the videos on a standard TV you will need to either connect a device (computer, tablet) to be viewable on the TV or through a device such as an Apple TV and connecting via the use of the same wireless network.

How often are new video’s uploaded?

For the majority of the year, videos will be uploaded monthly. However, during seasonal periods videos will be uploaded less frequently.





PBT by Marie Walton-Mahon (Progressing Ballet Technique) is an innovative program for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. Marie has been known for her creative teaching skills for over 40 years and has trained many professional dancers and teachers’ worldwide. She has experimented with outstanding success the use of muscle memory to improve students understanding of core stability, weight placement, and alignment for over 12 years.




li-cunxinMarie is a very experienced ballet teacher. She has trained and nurtured many wonderful students in the past. I have utmost respect for her as a teacher. Her supplementary training method is of real benefit to dance students. The effective exercises will strengthen their core stability, muscle control, balance and help their dancing.

– Li Cunxin, Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet


jessica-williamsProgressing ballet technique is a unique and essential approach to the art form that is ballet. For the longevity, safety, knowledge and preservation of the art, to come across progressive ballet technique is visionary and something all young dancers should be aware of and I urge them to embrace this revolutionary support system.

– Stephanie Williams, American Ballet Theatre



Progressing Barobynllet Technique has quite simply changed the way I teach! Overall, I have seen remarkable progress in my students.  Marie Walton-Mahon is knowledgeable, approachable and generous in sharing her work.

– Robyn Segel Shifren, P.A.C.T Ballet, Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet and N.A.P.A.C





david-mcallisterMarie Walton-Mahon has taught many of Australia’s most accomplished dancers. It is wonderful that she is sharing her techniques through this DVD to the wider dance community and I am sure it will be a great tool for teachers and dancers alike.

– David McAllister AM, Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet