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Stretching in devant & à la seconde




This stretch using the resistance band for devant and à la seconde should only be executed at the end of the PBT class or when you are completely warm. The resistance band is placed over the entire foot and crossed at the ankle. Lay on your back with the foot flexed in the resistance band. The working leg is lifted to commence then with each fondu, breathe out through your mouth and inhale through your nose as the leg is extended.

You should try to lift a little higher with each extension, the foot remains flexed throughout. Then slowly turn onto your side to set up the same stretch in à la seconde with your hips remaining completely square throughout. Never force your leg quickly into the stretch and the deep breathing will assist this activation.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Amaranto – Enveloppé E 31


How often should I practice this stretch?

After every class if possible.

At what age do you suggest to commence this stretch?

11 years and above.

At the moment I don’t have enough turnout to place the supporting leg on demi pointe in à la seconde?

Never force your turnout so leave you supporting foot flat onto the mat

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