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Partners core and foot work




Pair the students with someone similar in height and they lie on each side of the ball on the set up. The feet are parallel with the heels together; the hands are placed behind the neck. On the introduction the students roll through to bridge while keeping the feet still. Relax the ribcage & deepen the belly button to the spine- feeling like you’re doing up a zipper from the pubic bone to the belly button. Activate the gluteus feeling like your lifting up under the bottom and out of the hips.

When first learning the exercise the students may need the feet held together until the students develop more core stability.


Ask a question

Can you practice this executed without a partner?

Yes the feet are simply on the top of the fit ball. The students delight in working with partner and they have the extra resistance from working against each other.

What is the benefit of this exercise in ballet training?

The students are using their core, calf muscles and lengthening through their hamstrings. The feet are also used all valuable in allegro.

What size fit ball is the students using?

The students generally at this age use a 45 cm fit ball

How often could students of this age practice PBT?

Ideally once a week with supervision and when the student is confident to practice also once a week at home is encouraged.

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