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In your bridge position squeeze legs together and press with the hamstring down into the ball to activate the gluteus. Reach the energy out of the toes and press shoulders down and open and press elbows down and away from each other into the floor to activate the underneath back muscles and remain relaxed in the neck and shoulders. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly with the rhythm of the music.


How long is the resistance band?

9 Feet or 2.7 Meters Long

What strength is the resistance band?

The strength is second strongest strength

Where can you buy resistance bands?

In Australia Bloch stores have the bands in red produced for my program. In other countries you can order online in a roll and cut up for your students or they usually sell them to your required length from majority of physio therapist.

At what age should the student be doing this exercise?

The age suggestion is 14 years and above for this combination, although this depends on the maturity and years of previous training. However this exercise has varied levels of training in all 3 levels of training. Yet some 13 year old students may be clearly strong enough to start training this exercise. However they must be completely competent in the senior level of training before moving forward into the Advanced level

I can see you have changed the position of the resistance band, is this for any reason?

Yes I have noticed that some students are inclined to curl their toes with the resistance band across instead of this length way. The toes should elongate and not curl.

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