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Développé devant with deep breathing




Train slowly the bridge in 5th position slowly before commencing. Make sure the student is making a continuous unfolding action where the working leg draws up through retiré devant (or tracking to retire) depending on your code of training. The working leg makes a continuous movement through the attitude devant into the final extension in front of the hip. The working leg lowers with control back to the fit ball in 5th position. During the entire execution check the students’ hips remain square throughout and their eyes focussed to the ceiling. Breathing slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth enhances the control and activation.

Avoid any force of the ‘’ turn out”, the position and flexibility of the hip joints are dependant on the position of the pelvis girdle. Many dancers of all ages instinctively try to increase their ‘turn out” by tucking their pelvis under, take great care to avoid this in their training in the long term they will build the wrong muscles and tension will affect the freedom of movement and this can lead to injury. The correction “tighten your buttocks” sometimes can be misleading and I would encourage this phrase not to be used in your ballet class.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Allysia –Celeste tempo 4/4


You speak about the different tracking of the leg is one more beneficial than the other?

No both have equal value in training simply chose your code and train PBT to set up the muscle memory accordingly.

Is this exercise suitable for a student with scoliosis?

Always seek advice from your physician on the level of curvature first. In most cases I suggest the mat to be rolled under as shown at the end of the exercise. In some cases I also ask the student to support their back with their elbows on the mat and hands placed under their pelvis. The stronger the core for these students with scoliosis the more they protect their spine. Always stop if any pain is felt.

What size fit ball is used?

Depending on their height, usually the junior program uses a 45cm fit ball.

What age do you suggest for this exercise?

Normally I suggest the students to execute this exercise between 8 – 10 years. However make sure they have first executed the original junior exercise for développé with a solid technique before moving forward to this new exercise.