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Deep Rotation




Feel the top of your head reaching away as you lengthen your neck, relax and open your shoulders. Release your ribcage as you deepen your abdominals to the spine. You should feel like you’re doing up a zipper from your pubic bone to the belly button. Activate your glute muscles feeling like you’re lifting up under the bottom and out of the hips.

Activate the inner thighs and continue to feel the energy reach out through the legs and toes like you’re trying to touch the opposite wall. You should  top of your legs isolate and rotate inside the hip socket.


Where about are the legs placed on the fit ball?

¾ up the ball is the usual position; however with a hyper extended leg the leg position should be higher on the fit ball to encourage no push back in the knees

How many times should be executed?

When commencing this exercise practice each section separately releasing back to the starting position in-between. Only when you feel stable in each section with the fit ball remaining completely stationary should you complete the entire exercise. Always look at the quality of what you are practicing in preference to the quantity of repetitions.

How can you achieve more ‘turn out’?

In order to maximise results use a roller to roll out slowly the iliotibial bands before commencing.

At what age should I be doing this exercise?

The age suggestion is 14 years and above, although this depends on the maturity and years of previous training. Yet some 13 year old students may be clearly strong enough to start training this exercise. However they must be completely competent in the senior level of training before moving forward into the Advanced level

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