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Deep Breathing and imagery




This valuable exercise is excellent to include as a warm up at the beginning of both the senior and advanced level practice to warm up the body and set focus of your mind by using a different goal to bring into your ballet class each week. Take care to keep your pelvis stable throughout this activation. During this exercise take care that the hips remain square towards the ceiling. Deep breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is essential throughout.

Advice from Dr. Bonnie Robinson

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Music from Bayadère Ballet Class – Gange steady tempo 2/4


At what age would you start to encourage imagery?

As soon as you can commence to add this important layer of training.

How many times would you suggest this exercise be repeated?

3 times per week with goal setting will improve your training.

Is this exercise suitable if I have a scoliosis?

Always seek advice from your physician on the level of curvature first. In most cases I suggest the mat to be rolled under as shown at the end of the exercise. In some cases I also ask the student to support your back with your elbows onto mat and hands placed under their pelvis. The stronger the core for you with scoliosis the more you will protect your spine. Always stop if any pain is felt.

What size fit ball is used?

Depending on your height, usually this exercise would use a 55cm or 65 fit ball

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