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Core with Port de bras



Exercise 7-8 years:

Exercise 9-10 years old:


7 & 8 years: 

Firstly train the students slowly how to bridge through the vertebrae, this technique is essential at every level. The students pelvis must be in line with their femur with no arch or collapse in their pelvis. They should rest and then practice again. Breathe slowly throughout. The higher the fit ball is placed towards the students groin the more activation they student will feel.

They should feel the top of their head reaching away as they lengthen their neck while relaxing and opening their shoulders. Encourage them to release their ribcage as they deepen their  belly button to the spine. They should feel like they are doing up a zipper from their pubic bone to the belly button. Discus with them the activation of their glutes is the feeling as if they are lifting up under their bottom and out of the hips. Also the activation of their inner thighs should continue to feel the energy reach out through the legs and toes like your trying to touch the opposite wall. They should then feel the top of the legs isolate and rotate inside the hip socket.

At the beginning their hands can rest on the mat before commences using any port de bras.

I suggest for you to divide the class in 2 sections and the first half commence by doing the exercise twice and the second group pick up the music. Always train the breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly with the phrase of music.

9 & 10 years:

Naturally this age group would first commence with the above exercise and when they are stronger encourage them to stay up in the bridge position throughout. Constantly check their alignment and if they become tired bring them down and rest before repeating.


What size fit ball is the students using?

The students generally at this age use a 45 cm fit ball

If the student has a hyperextension in their legs is the placement of the legs any different at this age?

Yes always adjust legs are placed slightly higher up on the fit ball.

How often could students of this age practice PBT?

Ideally once a week with supervision and when the student is confident to practice also once a week at home is encouraged.

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