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Core with Port de bras



Exercise 7-8 years:


Exercise 9-10 years old:


First train slowly how to bridge through the vertebrae slowly, this technique is essential at every level. Pelvis must be in line with your femur, no arch, no drop in the pelvis. Remember to rest and then practice again. Breathe slowly throughout. The higher the fitball is placed towards the students groin the more activation the student will feel

Feel the top of the head reaching away, lengthen neck and relax and open shoulders. Relax the ribcage & deepen the belly button to the spine- feeling like you’re doing up a zipper from the pubic bone to the belly button. Activate the glutes feeling like your lifting up under the bottom and out of the hips. Squeeze the inner thighs and continue to feel the energy reach out through the legs and out of the toes like your trying to touch the opposite wall. Feel the top of the legs isolate and rotate inside the hip socket.

At the beginning the hands can rest on the mat in demi second for the student to feel the technique before using the arms through to 2nd position.

Rest on the introduction and start training bridge technique up for 2 counts and roll down for 2 counts at the very beginning. Check the students’ alignment of the pelvis and breathing before adding in the port de bras

Step 2 would be to introduce arms through 1st to 2nd position on the introduction, maintain ballet 2nd and eyes focused to the ceiling. Move the arms from 3rd to 3rd with the hips square and the fitball not moving. Moving the arms sideways through 3rd to 3rd.

Suggestion to set the class in 2 sections and the first half commence by doing the exercise twice and the second group pick up the music.


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