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Control & Alignment

Coaching & Exercise:


This effective exercise is for the young child to help them understand posture alignment while working on their control & alignment.

The child sits in an upright position on the mat and places their feet in the centre of small ball in parallel (either a pilates ball or toy ball). They then lift out of their lumbar spine. Imagery is a very effective teaching tool, I talk to the young student’s about having a personal puppeteer with a string always on the centre of their head and another 2 strings on their hip bones to assist the feeling of lifting out of the centre line. All muscles which move the hip joints attach to the pelvis or the lumbar spine. Therefore, the stability of the pelvis and the lumbar spine are decisive for the mobility in the legs. In the coaching notice I speak to the child regarding not to curl the toes which is a common fault in many young students. This exercise encourages the ankle strength and long toes throughout.

Draw the legs in for 3 counts while ensuring the posture remains elongated the ankles are fully stretched with long toes. Rotate the legs into the natural turnout on count 4. Slowly straighten the legs on counts 5 – 7 while encouraging the rotation without any force. The legs return to parallel with long toes.

Supervision is advised throughout.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Amargo – Ronds de jambe ¾ timing (32 bars)


What age is this exercise appropriate to execute?

Ideally commence this for 6 & 7 years old students. Or older students if they have having any issues with their control & alignment.

How many times do you suggest this exercise repeated?

Commence twice while checking the technique and build up to 4 repetitions.