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Balance à la seconde




When you are working on any balance sur la pointe it is always an added benefit to centre yourself onto the centre of the pointe bosu and practice a series of balances to set the proprioception for your body before executing the same feeling in the centre.

You should breathe out through the mouth before the balance and inhale slowly through the nose to enhance your balance position. Always repeat on the alternate leg even if the balance in the particular repertoire solo is only required on one side. Many injuries are caused by only working one side of the body in training.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Erica – Rossa 16 bars


What is the difference with this bosu to the other?

A special non slip flat surface as well as no hole in the centre which makes it safe for pointe work balances.

Where can I buy a pointe bosu?

Shop around online, you don’t need the most expensive.

How often should this be practiced?

I suggest before rehearsing any repertoire solo that requires a student to balance.