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Advanced Renversé Extension

Coaching & Exercise:


If  you are confident in the Renverse exercise at the wall then challenge yourself in the centre. The set up is the same position with your hips on the fit ball. The supporting leg must be fully activated. If you have the appropriate natural turnout than place the supporting foot on demi pointe. Or with less natural turnout place a mat under your foot and your foot remains stretched.
Lift the working leg into attitude derrière with your shoulders square. Move the same arm as your working leg tracking the port de bras through 2nd position to 4th position with the strong twist in the upper torso. Return the hand to the floor and once again square the shoulders. Extend the working leg then return the leg into 5th position. Move the weight forward onto the hands and change legs to repeat. 

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Bayadèe Class – Nirvana 4/4 32 bars.


What size fit ball is used?                               
Grace is using a 55 cm fit ball, this does depend on the height of the student as the hands must rest on the floor without the elbows tense.       
How often do you suggest this practiced? 
3 times per week with correct technique