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Full Day Teachers Workshop


feature-studio-2Designed for teachers who wish to learn all 3 levels of Progressing Ballet Technique.

Learn this technique of innovation to develop muscle memory to enhance ballet training. It will be explained how to transfer this innovative technique into your classroom. You will leave the workshop with a comprehensive training on the program as well as typed notes.

Marie Walton-Mahon will go through in detail the difference stages of students’ development and what exercises to introduce and accelerate as the student becomes stronger. Development of a progression will be extended to the more Advanced levels of ballet training. Detailed will be given to you regarding the content of the combinations.

An explanation of the ‘how’ and ‘why” of the value of this program will be detailed. Question and answer time will be allocated.  Explanation of the muscle groups that initiate different ballet exercises and a full discussion.

Outcomes of learning the Progressing Ballet Technique Program’s:

  • an understanding of the activation of muscle memory to activate “turn out”
  • an understanding of the activation of muscle memory to enhance “adage movements”
  • an understanding of the activation of muscle memory to accelerate “allegro”
  • an understanding of the activation of muscle memory to activate “batterie”
  • an understanding of the activation of muscle memory for controlled landings
  • an understanding of how to breakdown the exercises
  • an understanding  of how to build the exercises
  • an understanding of  the appropriate age  relevant to each exercise
  • an understanding of the correct muscle groups that assist each movement

Teachers to bring

Yoga/Pilates mat, fit ball, 9 foot resistance band (medium strength) and 2 hair elastics.

Teachers’ are to wear comfortable teaching clothes, bare feet. A Swiss ball that is the appropriate size (when you sit on the top of the ball your thighs should be at a right angle to the floor).

Notes will be emailed to all teachers to print prior to the workshop, please bring a pen for extra notes.

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful program with us all in Brisbane last week-end. We’ve got stuck into it on Monday and now the students request it every lesson, but exams are just 3 weeks away, so some negotiation is going on!!”
Leticia Webb ARAD, Director En Pointe Dance Centre

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your inspiring and outstanding workshop yesterday. I am an examiner with the ADA (Formerly FATD) and am RAD trained, but now teach our ADA syllabus.

I have commenced your junior program with some of my students and have already seen a great improvement in their core strength and use of key muscles. I am so glad I attended the workshop to see where this can take me and my students.
Frances Fontana

Wow! The results from Marie Walton-Mahon Progressing Ballet Technique workshop are amazing! We love doing each exercise on the ball just before the relevant syllabus exercises (and go back to the ball if our bodies need reminding) and it is working so brilliantly. Concepts that were difficult for my students to understand, for example engaging their core whilst keeping freedom in the upper torso and arms, have become so easy for them to feel now. Those magical penny drop moments – so that’s how you do it! A Brilliant investment.
Natalie Rogers

I just wanted to reiterate my sincere thanks for your wonderful workshop yesterday. I was enthralled by the work and; able to truly realise the huge impact it would have on the young training dancer and; in fact dancers of all ages at all times. Everything you said made total sense to me and; confirmed my feeling that if a dancer understands how to correctly hold their turnout , they will be on track.

Your work with the balls is amazing . You simply HAVE to activate the right muscles for it to work and as you say, muscles DO remember! And are then so switched on ,warm and ready to work in the ballet studio…. Wow, what a brilliant concept. I now absolutely know what a huge impact this would have on ones technique , strength and stamina. And no doubt excellent in both preventing injury and recovering from…. It is a must to incorporate into the training of a classical dancer. After even such a tiny taste of the work I m convinced of its immense benefits.
So thank-you again for such an eye opening afternoon .
Katie Pianoff

Katie was awarded the Senior Scholarship at the Australian Academy of Ballet, and was accepted into the Royal Ballet Upper School. Following her training she was offered a contract by Sir Kenneth MacMillan to join the Resident Royal Ballet Company at Covent Garden. She toured internationally wit the Company, performing works by Ashton, MacMillan and Balanchine. Katie was chosen by the eminent Italian Sculptor, Enzo Plazzotta, to sit for him.  After leaving the Company, Katie was requested to guest as Countess Vronsky in the ballet ‘Anna Karenina’ and more recently invited by Director David MacAllister to perform the role of Lady Capulet in ‘Romeo & Juliet’.