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Technical skipping





Early training is so valuable to set up the correct form in a young child. Skipping is a ballet movement that encourages coordination and if we can also encourage the correct use of the feet and posture whilst the child is learning to skip, it will most certainly assist with many other movements to follow.

The young student can place the fit ball against the wall and lie on their mat with the feet at the centre of the ball. The knees are soft to commence and the legs are in parallel. I suggest at the beginning you sit beside the student the first time they commence the bridge position. They should breathe out through their nose to commence and then inhale as they slowly ‘zip up their jacket’, as they move in the bridge position. You always check that their hip bone is in a direct straight line to their femur. The student would repeat this several times until they feel stable. Hold the student at first whilst they release one leg at a time slowly into their skipping position. You would be trying to encourage the supporting leg and foot to completely stretch while the working leg is raised and pointed beside the knee. Repeat with alternating 4 times and then relax back to the mat. After you repeat this exercise a couple of times ask the student to then stand up and skip around the room. recreating the same feeling.


What size fit ball is being used?

45 cm is being used.

At what age do you suggest this exercise be practiced?

6-year-old student or students commencing to learn to skip. Young students will require to be held in the position at the beginning.