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Stretching while using the bosu




The resistance band is wrapped en dehors on the thigh as Janae demonstrates at the beginning of this exercise. The supporting leg should be placed in the students’ natural turnout on the centre of the bosu which encourages the student to feel their deep rotators during this stretching exercise. The student should avoid holding a stretch for longer than demonstrated as this can reduce the elasticity of the tissue which can lead to a decrease of muscle work and can in some cases affect the blood circulation which can lead to injury. The advantage of this exercise is that the student is in complete control over the stretch while listening to their muscles. Always breathe out on the full height which allows greater extension. Please refer the notes on stretching from Debra Crookshanks who assisted with this series of instructional videos is also a Physiotherapist for Dancers and Performing Artists, Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist APAM; and is currently on the board of The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS).

Please note this exercise should never be executed when the student is not fully warmed up. It is advisable to always commence with the weaker side first. Naturally this stretch can be also executed without the bosu, however the body alignment and lift through the supporting side has a far greater awareness while using the bosu. The student should never force the stretch quickly into the positions.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Ernani 32 bars


How many time per week should this stretch be executed?

I encourage the students to take responsibly to execute this stretch quietly and efficiently at the end of each ballet class.

Where can I purchase a bosu?

They are becoming more competitive in prices now and you don’t need the most expensive. However I’m creating some exercises for pointe work on the bosu and if you are researching to purchase a bosu you may wish to purchase the correct one that can also be used for pointe. I suggest you to research online.

What length is the resistance band?

2.7 metres or 9 feet

What strength is the resistance band?

Medium strong

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