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Safe stretching Level 1




Keep both hips square and the sit bones on the mat. Let the student monitor their own stretch slowly. Breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Erica Ballet class – Music Lilla 3/4 tempo.

Important information from Debra Crookshanks Dance Physiotherapist


Ask a question

How long is the resistance band?

9 ft or 2.7 m long

What strength is the resistance band?

2nd strongest level is suggested.

Where can you buy resistance bands?

In Australia Bloch stores have the bands in red produced for my program. In other countries you can order online in a roll and cut up for your students or they usually sell them to your required length from majority of physio therapist

What age could this stretch be executed?

Ages 8 upwards is suggested

How many stretches on each side?

Up to 6 and not more very slowly

When should this stretch be executed?

Any time the student is completely warm

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