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Safe stretches level 2




Check during the devant stretch that your hips remain square and the sit bones remain on the mat. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly. Turn slowly into à la seconds taking the time to feel the pelvis alignment is square to the front and the supporting leg engaged. Make sure you always warm before executing this stretch. Execute no more than 6 slow stretches in each position before resting.

You monitor your own stretch extending slowly with your breath outwards. For best rest results use the foam roller prior to stretching including your upper spine. Please read the advice by Debra Crookshanks!

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Don Quixote Their friends 3/4

Click here for Important information from Debra Crookshanks, Dance Physiotherapist


Ask a question

What size is the resistance band & strength?

2.7 mts or 9 ft – second strongest strength in different countries they are varied colours.

Does the direction of wrapping matter?

Yes wrap en dehors to encourage the stretch in the externally rotated position.

How many times per week should this be executed?

Suggested at the end of each class.

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