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Rond de Jambe & stretch à la seconde




Sit on the mat as you wrap the resistance band twice around the thigh and firmly hold the end of the bands as you lay on the mat to commence. The supporting foot if possible is placed on demi pointe (only if your turnout permits). First commencing to learn rond de jambe en l’air it is best to start with the leg at 45 degrees with the correct activation while maintaining the thigh to remain completely still (the resistance band assists you to feel this activation).

At the conclusion of 4 rond de jambe en l’air en dehors you pass the resistance band to the alternate hand to gently take a stretch in à la seconde. Never force this stretch and always check that you are warm to execute this activation. The rond de jambe en l’air is repeated en dedans followed by a repeat of the stretch. Build slowly to 4 sets on each side. Always check exercise is completely secure before executing the same exercise at 90 degrees. When you are in complete control of this exercise then commence with double rond de jambe en l’air.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Amaranto – Ronds de jambe 32 bars


How long is the resistance band?

2.7 meters or 9 feet

What strength is the resistance band?

Medium strong strength.

What age do you suggest commencing this exercise?

I suggest you train this non weight baring rond de jambe en l’air activation for 6 months prior to training and upright rond de jambe en l’air to set up the muscle memory before the ballet class.