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Preparing the mind and body in the warm up




This focus warm-up exercise I would like to encourage you to include at the beginning of every Senior level PBT class. Often students have very busy minds that need to settle before class. Choose a new goal for your weekly PBT practice. Motivation is the fuel that will drive your training to successfully accomplish your goals.

The feet are set onto the centre of their fit ball (unless you have a hyperextended leg – move the feet further over the fit ball so as never to lock back into your knees). The legs remain parallel, exhale before you commence and shut the eyes, calm the mind. Slowly inhale as you slowly bridge and feel the body elongate. Breath out before commencing. Draw the knees in slowly while checking the pelvis remains stable – inhale slowly through the nose while you clench your fists and fully flex your feet.

Slowly extend the legs while breathing out through the mouth and release the fingers, releasing any tension and bringing your mind completely into the room. Stretch your feet.

Repeat this movement 4 times in total setting up complete focus. Remain elongated in the bridge position as you paddle the feet, rolling through each foot as you set up your personal goal. Repeat 7 times in total and then fully stretch both feet. Release the arms from the mat inhaling and lowering the arms to the mat with the release of the breath. Repeat twice slowly while using imagery of the picture of your chosen goal.

Follow with a full port de bras before releasing back through the bridge to the mat. Since implementing this exercise before each senior class I have noticed the focus and motivation during the class accelerate.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Giselle music – La Paix


Is it much harder to balance with the eyes shut?

Absolutely but with complete focus it become easier each practice.

What size fit ball is being used?

Lara in this exercise is using a 55-cm and Alysia in the exercise is using a 45-cm ball. It depends on your height.

I like this idea, is it an advantage to shut the eyes and use imagery in other PBT exercises?

Absolutely, when you know the program, explore this option, especially in the adage exercises.

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