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Intrinsic Control




Check that the students pelvis remains in the correct alignment and the knee remains over their toes. This simple but extremely beneficial exercise can be taught to all the levels of students.


Can you use any other apparatus than a memory foam pillow

Absolutely, any soft material that sets up the proprioception of landing through the feet. Many injuries are caused by the landings in allegro jarring without control. This could also be executed on and off a bosu.

Could this be executed at any age?

Absolutely, with the younger student’s train in parallel and not use the bosu until they are completely secure in their posture.

When would you introduce the wrist weights for the male student?

The wrist weight is only light and could be encouraged by approximately14 years.

Demonstration: The Reason for Control through the Feet

Demonstration by Harrison Lee. Winner of the Youth America Grand Priz 2014. Winner of the Priz de Lausanne 2015. Gold medal Genèe International 2015

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