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How to be Certified


Certification provides you with the license to teach PBT to students. There are no yearly fees, your certification is for life. As a certified teacher you will also be advertised on our global directory of teachers and can submit your certificate to claim 6 CPD credits.

You can be certified in two ways:


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Designed for teachers who wish to learn all 3 levels of Progressing Ballet Technique. Learn this technique of innovation to develop muscle memory to enhance ballet training. It will be explained how to transfer this innovative technique into your classroom. You will leave the workshop with a comprehensive training on the program, certification in PBT as well as typed notes.

The workshop will go through in detail the difference stages of students’ development and what exercises to introduce and accelerate as the student becomes stronger. Development of a progression will be extended to the more Advanced levels of ballet training. Detailed will be given to you regarding the content of the combinations.



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As a member you get access to all the PBT exercises in video tutorial format along with comprehensive notes and FAQs on every exercise.

All the content that are on the DVDs / Downloads are available in the members area as well as exclusive new tutorials that are uploaded every 4 to 6 weeks.

You can become certified through online training. There is a application in the members area that you need to submit once you are confident in teaching PBT for Marie to assess.