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Grand battement & allegro practice




Commence lying on the mat with your feet crossed on the centre of the fit ball in a demi plie with your hands on the mat with the palms upwards to encourage the opening of your sternum. Exhale through the mouth to begin then slowly breathe in through the nose as you slowly bridge into the alignment. You should feel your feet & the crown of their head reaching away from each other as you lengthen through your body; at this point check you are not extending your rib cage.

You execute 6 grand battement, lifting quickly and lowering slowly to encourage the dynamics of the movement. During each extension you always check that you are not lifting your hip to obtain more height of leg. You then slowly releases back to the mat as you exhale and place your feet in first position. Always ensure your heels are centred on the fit ball before you commence the bridge position. Once again inhale through the mouth into the bridge and exhale at the top of the alignment once again checking your ribs remain soft. Then you execute 6 sautés breathing in as they demi plie and exhale during the sauté. Once again encourage the dynamics of the movement to assist your muscle memory to transfer into the classroom. Slowly release back to the mat and repeat with your left leg. To conclude test your balance and slowly release back to the mat.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Ballet class Giselle L”Orange – 32 bars


I have noticed you have changed the position of the hands on the mat, why?

Some students were gripping the mat with their fingers, so I have turned the palm of the hands upwards. This also opens the sternum more in this position which is also an added advantage.

What size fit ball is used?

Usually the junior program uses a 45 cm fit ball unless the student is very tall.

What age is this exercises suggested for in training?

8 – 11years would be suitable for this training.

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