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Marie is a very experienced ballet teacher. She has trained and nurtured many wonderful students in the past. I have utmost respect for her as a teacher. Her supplementary training method is of real benefit to dance students. The effective exercises will strengthen their core stability, muscle control, balance and help their dancing.

Li Cunxin 

Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet
Former Principal Dancer with the Houston and Australian Ballet companies
Best selling autobiography of Mao’s Last Dancer



Marie Walton-Mahon has taught many of Australia’s most accomplished dancers. It is wonderful that she is sharing her techniques through this DVD to the wider dance community and I am sure it will be a great tool for teachers and dancers alike.

David McAllister AM

Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet
Former Principal Dancer with the Australian Ballet.




Marie has devised a unique, intensive , and comprehensive strengthening program targeted to aspiring dancers. A unique program tailored to specific ages and abilities using apparatus to challenge the body, initiate muscle memory, and improve alignment and stability, bringing awareness to ones own body. With Marie’s broad knowledge of the body, mind and ballet technique, this is a wonderful tool in addition to ballet training.

Lucinda Dunn OAM
Former Principal Ballerina, The Australian Ballet Company
Artistic Director , Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy
Artistic Director, Sydney City youth Ballet



I feel incredibly humbled and fortunate to have such a special relationship with Marie. She taught me from age 3-16 and has remained the single best teacher I have ever had. I owe much of the success I’ve had in my career to this wonderful and inspiring lady. With Marie’s constant guidance and support, PBT is flourishing in Europe and I feel so honoured to be the one to share her amazing program. To get to see first hand how this work helps, accelerates and encourages dancers of all ages to reach their full potential is truly wonderful. I look forward to an exciting future of PBT with Marie who continues to inspire me every day.

Callie Roberts

Former first artist, Birmingham Royal Ballet
Silver medalist, Genée international




As a past student of Marie Walton-Mahon whom is still very much a mentor to me today, I couldn’t be more excited and proud for her programme “Progressing Ballet Technique”. What it is giving the students of today who will surely be the stars of tomorrow is priceless. As a professional dancer Demi-Soloist Stuttgart Ballet. I see the need and benefit from strengthening exercises that students can’t yet grasp. With “Progressing Ballet Technique” Marie has so cleverly made the transition from Pilates to Class by combining strength core work with ballet steps and musicality, which is integral to every ballet artist. I wish Marie every success new online training to make this accessible worldwide for both teachers and students. Marie’s teachings still continue to help me reach success in the career as an “Artist” of “Ballet.”

Jessica Fyfe

Choreographer – The Australian Ballet 



With decades of experience working with dancers from beginners to professional, Ms Marie Walton-Mahon has produced countless professional dancers around the world. Ms Walton-Mahon’s program provides students deep knowledge and understanding of the bodies anatomy, core strength and technique. Through her careful and creative teaching methods, she provided me a valuable dance education and strong foundation needed to succeed in the cut throat industry. This program is crucial to any dancer wanting to take their dancing to the next level. I highly recommend Progressing Ballet Technique.

Daniel Baker

Twyla Tharp Dance
San Francisco Ballet
Miami City Ballet (soloist)
So You Think You Can Dance, Season 9, USA
Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes
School of American Ballet




Progressing ballet technique is a unique and essential approach to the art form that is ballet. For the longevity, safety, knowledge and preservation of the art, to come across progressive ballet technique is visionary and something all young dancers should be aware of and I urge them to embrace this revolutionary support system.

Stephanie Williams

American Ballet Theatre




I was a student of Miss Marie Walton-Mahon for one year of full-time training before I went on to study at the West Australia Academy of Performing Arts. She is a masterful teacher who not only inspired us to work hard to improve, but challenged us to investigate our technique so we could truly understand the work we were doing. I currently teach Marie’s Progressing Ballet Technique exercises at CityDance School and Conservatory in Washington, DC, USA. The students and I have found the DVD indispensable, and the class has allowed them time to work on the finer aspects of their technique, which they can then apply in regular classes. The students are able to gain a strong understanding of their individual body and how it feels and works while absorbing classical training. This has proven especially useful to students during and after growth spurts when they need to adjust to their new length. As a dance educator I appreciate the possibility for students to absorb and understand their training at their own pace and within their own bodies. I believe the knowledge they acquire while doing this is extremely useful for increasing their confidence and ability, as well as a tool for injury prevention.

Sarah J. Ewing

CityDance OnStage Ignite Artist
Recipient of an FY15 Artist Fellowship Grant from the DC Commission on The Arts and Humanities.
Recipient of a 2013 Local Dance Commissioning Project Grant from The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 



I have grown up dancing with Marie as my teacher, with her safe dance techniques incorporated all throughout my training. She has helped so many students achieve their dreams dancing worldwide by using her methods to help them reach the level they need to be. Progressing Ballet Technique is simply the result of years of teaching many different students with different levels of co-ordination, flexibility and strength and helping them reach that level. This program is a training tool for anyone that wants to excel in the dance industry. Its high quality is evident in the fact that it’s now being taught in over 40 countries. I have implemented these exercises in the 10 years of training with Marie and since, and can still notice how the ball comes into effect when taking daily class. This program is invaluable and I highly recommend it to everyone training in any style of dance!

Sophie Trentin

Joffrey Ballet School, New York