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Dynamic Stretching Derrière (Junior)

Coaching & Exercise:


Set up – step on the centre of the long resistance band and cross the bands at the shin then take the bands up to the thigh for the next cross (avoid crossing on the knee). Then step over the band and place the working leg in degagé derrière. The bands should be placed into the opposite hand to the working leg. Check the supporting leg remains active throughout this exercise. Execute 2 grand battement piqué and the third remains at the height of the extension and bounces with the musical phrase and return to the floor to repeat. It is extremely important that the ribs don’t flare open during the arabesque line as well as the student should keep the weight-placement well over the front of the supporting foot.

Gentle bouncing at the end of one’s range of motion improves joint flexibility. One of the many advantages of dynamic stretching is the rhythmic pull on the tissue strengthens the structures. In addition, the muscles’ fasciae are also stretched with the bouncing movement.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Amaranto Grand Battements ¾ timing 32 bars 182BPM.


How often should this stretch be executed?

Often as possible providing the student has warmed up.

What length of band is used?

2.7 Mts or 9 feet.