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Core & Obliques

Coaching & Exercise:


This exercise is an excellent addition to the current Advanced level exercise. The oblique abdominal muscle is extremely important in ballet training as the strength from the activation of the obliques will always enhance the very important use of épaulement.

Commence with your legs in parallel with the fit ball between the calf muscles. Exhale through the mouth to begin. On the introduction, place your hands behind your neck and lift the upper body with the sternum remaining open. Breath in, then release to begin.

Slowly unfold the legs to 90 degrees taking 4 counts and checking your sit bones remain on the mat – take all 4 counts to breath in through the nose to reach the 90-degree angle.

Scissor twist the right leg towards your head with the twist of the upper body to the right side, activating the oblique muscles. Lengthen through your hamstrings on counts 5-6 and return the neutral on counts 7 -8. Scissor twist the left leg towards your head as you twist the upper body towards the left side on counts 1-2. Return to neutral on 3-4. Lift the upper body with a deep breath in on count 5 then bend the knees on count 6. Co-ordinate the body and legs to return to the starting position on counts 7 – 8 whilst taking the arms to 5th position.

Take the body forward on count 1 with the arms remaining in 5th position and unfold the legs into 90 degrees on counts 2-3-4. Take the fit ball into the hands and execute and deep rond de jambe of the legs in a rotated position, returning again to the sides of the fit ball and back into a parallel position on counts 5 – 6 -7 -8. Repeat the deep rond de jambe of the legs on counts 1 -2 -3 -4. Bend the knees with the body remaining up and then co-ordinate the body and legs to return to the starting position on counts 5-6-7-8. Repeat from the beginning using the alternate left leg first in the scissor twist.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – La Corsaire Class – Pas de deux 4/4 64 bars.


What size fit ball is used?

Lincoln is using a 55cm fit ball but this does depend on your height.

I have noticed some fit ball have sand in them is this an advantage?

Don’t use any fit ball with sand as the weight places undue strain on the body and this type of fit ball should be avoided in any PBT exercise.