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Certification application



When can you apply:

You can submit your application at anytime whilst training online however, you will need to retain your membership for at least six months & engage in the online training for you to be certified indefinitely.

I.e. Please submit your application when your are confident with PBT. This could be after a couple of weeks and if successful, will be certified. Note it will become invalid if you don’t hold your membership for the remainder of a 6 month period.

What you need to submit in your application:

We require you to submit six videos via a youtube link, showing yourself teaching PBT. When uploading to youtube, please list the video as ‘unlisted’. Here is a short video showing how to do this.

You can demonstrate by using a student age appropriate preferable or a colleague if you are not yet teaching the material until you finish your accreditation. There is also a series of questions you will need to answer in your application relating to each video.

Exercises you will need to film:


All applicants with be reviewed confidentially by Marie Walton-Mahon the founder and you will be notified within 3 weeks. You will be notified with a report if any sections need to be re-issued.

CPD credits

If you are Royal Academy of Dance registered teacher, once you are approved and provided with a certificate. You can submit your certificate to the RAD to gain 6 CPD credits.

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