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Cabriole Derrière activation




The hip bones are placed onto the fit ball usually 1/2 way between the centre and the outer edge of the fit ball. Check the supporting leg commences in a fondu with the knee over the toes. The working leg should be engaged at 45 degrees. Push off the supporting leg from the wall as you would the floor and beat by bringing the supporting leg to meet the working leg. You can train a single or double cabriole activation.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Class Don Quixote Amour 2/4


Ask a question

What size fit ball is used in this exercise?

Cameron is using a 65 cm fit ball, this is adjusted always depending on the height

At what age should you train this exercise?

Anytime you feel a student is apprehensive or not displaying the correct technique to execute a true cabriole in the centre.

How many times should this be executed?

No more than in the footage, it is the quality of the technique in preference over the quantity.

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