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Bosu with stretching Level 1





You place the long resistance band under your foot and crosses the band behind the calf muscle and cross a second time across the hamstring. The value of using the bosu is for you to feel the pure alignment as often you extend the leg the weight placement is often drawn towards the heel instead of remaining over the ball of the supporting foot. You stand in 5th position on the bosu and lift your leg into attitude devant en fondu with a breath out through the nose.

The leg is slowly moved into à la seconde as you use the resistance band to assist the stretch. You should slowly inhale as you extend to the maximum stretch without force. Repeat on the alternate side. Never overstretch and always be warmed up prior to stretching.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Giselle music L’Espérance


What is the advantage of the bosu?

You will maintain to feel your weight placement and turnout while standing on the bosu. The activation is felt through the body much more than standing on the floor.

What age group do you suggest this exercise be practiced?

I commence this exercise 13 years and above