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Batterie Preparation

Coaching & Exercise:


The feeling of the batterie activation can be taught this way for younger students in this non-weight baring exercise for students to be prepared for batterire in the classroom.

Set up position – Place the lines of the fit ball straight on the fit ball to encourage the student to roll exactly on the centre line. The student stands in fifth position behind the fit ball then into a small demi plié to roll on the centre line of the fit ball. The body should be well elongated from the crown of the head to the feet. The hip bones should be on the fit ball and the abdominal muscles activated.

Commence with both feet flexed.

Execute 8 changement battu or royale

Execute 3 entrechat and one changement battu or royale and repeat

Repeat the entire sequence with the feet stretched.

In batterie the legs open slightly and return to beat while maintaining equal rotation with the hips remaining square. The fit ball gives the student instant feedback as the ball will move if the students’ hips are twisting.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Amaranto Petit Sauts C.


At what age do you suggest this training?

If the student is a diligent ballet student they should be training this non weight -baring exercise by ages 9 – 10 or essential for a beginner student who is older.

How often should this exercise be practiced?

I would commence to include this into your class plans for the appropriate age and also encourage the students to practice this also at home.

What size fit ball is used?

Maddie is using a 45 cm fit ball; however, this does depend on the students’ height.