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Batterie activation




The set up is with the hip bones halfway between the centre and outer edge of the fit ball. The abdominals should be activated throughout and the elbows soft as your hands rest onto the floor with width of the fit ball. Always check your spine and neck remains elongated throughout. Check that your beats are with an even activation of your adductors and deep rotators, the feedback is if the fit ball remains still during this exercise. During the sissonne battue activation the beating action is at the beginning before the change of the legs. During the entrechat six activation the beating action must be executed quickly and once again with the legs chancing sideways with the adductor activation.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app 


What size fit ball is used?

The fit ball is relevant to the height usually this level is 55cm or 65cm.

How often should this exercise be practiced?

If you are not activating your adductors in beating action and being corrected for this in your classes, the muscle memory needs to be set up and trained as often as possible.

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