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Attitude devant extension

Coaching & Exercise:


If the student is confident with the original attitude devant exercise than challenge them with the addition of the foot placed on demi pointe as well as the use of more coordination in the port de bras.

Set up – depends on the students’ natural rotation and core stability, if they have the range and stability place the heel of the foot in line with the thigh. However never force the turnout and always make sure the hips are completely square to the front. If necessary, move the heel in line with the centre of the body.

During the fondu always check the pelvis isn’t tucked under and exhale. The foot should roll through the metatarsals with encouraging the student to have long toes and never curled. The student inhales as they recover while using the coordination of the head and eyes during each port de bras. The entire breath of the music should be felt through the whole body as well as the fingers without any tension.

The freedom to move without tension comes from a strong core developed in PBT.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Amaranto Fondu tango 64 bars


What age would you suggest moving into the extension of this exercise?

If the student is secure in the previous attitude exercise than move into this challenge.

What size fit ball is being used?

Hannah is using a 45 cm fit ball.