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Arabesque & attitude combination




Parental supervision is advised for beginners


The students will roll their mat to cushion their feet. The student commences behind their fit ball and rolls from a demi plié onto their fit ball and their feet remain crossed on their mat. If they have enough rotation place their feet in 5th position and the supporting foot on demi pointe. Check the student understands the importance of lifting their abdominals away from the fit ball to avoid any crunching of their lower back. The leg extends into arabesque while the student looks forward into the mirror to check their alignment. The breath is in through the nose as they lift their legs and exhale through the mouth as the legs returns to 5th position.

As the leg lifts the student should still keep the activation of the abdominals as they push the trapezius down as the upper body extends. The elbows should remain soft and the sternum open. The 3rd extension will hinge into an attitude alignment then return into arabesque then return to 5th position. The weight is adjusted forward for the change of feet. When the students have achieved this activation then challenge them with the extension of the arm. Always permit the student to release over their fit ball at the end of this exercise.

Music suggestion: Using Ballet Class app – Giselle music Les Willis 64 bars


What age do you suggest this exercise should be practiced?

Usually 11 years and above, if they are having trouble, please step back to the junior exercise before moving forward.

If the student is rolling onto their side what is the problem?

The student would have let go completely of their supporting leg, you may need to lower the students leg height and check the supporting leg is maintained.