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Alignment Stability




Check that the student is lifting out of their supporting side.They should breathe through the arms from the centre of their back. They should feel the lift  through their pelvic floor and use your abdominals for balance. Check their hips must remain square at all times.


Where do you set up the foot placement of the fit ball?

If the student has no hyperextension their heel is in the centre of the fit ball and they should use the contour of the ball to encourage the line of their foot when pointed. If the student has hyperextended legs they place the foot further over the fit ball so as they can’t push back into their knees.

At what age should the student be doing this exercise?

The age suggestion is 14 years and above for this combination, although this depends on the maturity and years of previous training. However this exercise has varied levels of training in all 3 levels of training. Yet some 13 year old students may be clearly strong enough to start training this exercise. However they must be completely competent in the senior level of training before moving forward into the Advanced level

How does the ball move to the various positions?

If the student is holding onto their rotators the ball will naturally move with the student.

What exercises in ballet will this muscle memory assist?

Any controlled fouetté action from devant through second into an arabesque alignment.

The importance of holding the supporting leg and pelvis alignment when executing a cambré is clearly defined in the demonstration below with Vida and Harrison. Since this filming Vida is now contracted with Western Australian Ballet Company and Harrison in 2nd year at the Royal Ballet School in London.

Can this be trained using the ballet barre?

Absolutely if the students require this extra support. Always take care that the students doesn’t grip the ballet barre.

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