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I suggest you use a mat under the supporting foot. Your hip bones should centre towards the back of the fit ball and your abdominals completely engaged throughout. Breathe in through the nose as you lift the leg and exhale through the mouth as you lower the leg. It is extremely important not to compromise the supporting leg for extra height.

Only when completely stable include the port de bras as well as the attitude leg lines. When taking the attitude line, check that you hinge your lower leg and keeps the thigh secure in this alignment. You should control your breathing and lengthen through the vertebra. Every arabesque alignment should be behind your spine.


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How high should I push the working leg?

The height of your leg will increase with your core strength always check that you maintain your abdominal activation without crunching the lower lumbar spine.

Would it be an advantage to also train a combination of développé  as this is trained in the Junior and Advanced levels?

Absolutely, this is explained in all my courses and has been included. This original footage is from senior DVD exercises and since I have created so much more material. Check this exercise that has been added into the extra training for this level.

At what age should I practice this exercise?

The age suggestion is 11 years and above, although this depends on the maturity and years of previous training.

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