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Abdominal Activation




The student should feel the top of their head reaching away while lengthen they lengthen their neck as they relax and open shoulders. Encourage them to release their ribcage and deepen the bellybutton to the spine. They should feel their legs reaching away as they lower or extend. Make sure they deepen their abdominals to the mat as they activate their inner thighs. They should feel as though it’s abdominals that are bringing your legs back into tabletop rather than the top of the legs. In the chest lift position they should feel the rib cage up and over the hips as they should deepen their abdominals.

The students eye-line is through your knees to avoid neck tension and keep reaching fingertips to the opposite wall. If they are straining their neck they can give support with their hands. Breathe in through the nose slowly and exhale through the mouth slowly.


What size ball is this?

22 inch or 54 cm in circumference

What kind of ball is this?

Absolutely no need to purchase the expensive Pilates ball unless you wish! I simply use a toy ball which works exactly the same for this exercise.

What age should the students be to commence this exercise?

The age suggestion is 14 years and above, although this depends on the maturity and years of previous training. Yet some 12 year old students may be clearly strong enough to start training this exercise. However they must be completely competent in the senior level of training before moving forward into the Advanced level

How low would you expect the students legs to lower?

The legs only go as low down as the student can maintain with the abdominals not released, deep exhale through the mouth assists the student as the legs lower.

Would a student executes this exercise that has a scoliosis?

Always best to consult your physician for advice, depending on the level of curvature of the spine.


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